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Daydreaming ~

Aug 29th at 9PM / via: kwiyeo / op: kwiyeo / 113 notes

The Twins were supposed to make bread for their mom but ended up devouring the raisins instead.

What is the Capital of Egypt?

LSGn: Pyramid
EJW: India
MCM: Dubai 

Aug 28th at 10PM / via: hiddu / op: hiddu / 236 notes


(> ~ <)

Aug 28th at 8PM / via: heartae / op: kakkaiwa / 2,226 notes

Aug 28th at 8PM / via: heartae / op: seohyunism / 807 notes

Dongguk University’s Dean who wanted a solo picture with Seohyun

Aug 28th at 7PM / via: kwiyeo / op: kwiyeo / 66 notes

Lee Twins playing with flour ♥

Aug 21st at 9PM / via: seojunbaby / op: seojunbaby / 477 notes


lee seojun is the master of using fork

Aug 21st at 6PM / via: ruby-sica / op: kakkaiwa / 3,823 notes

Lazy vs Lazy pt. 2 : Krystal forgets to bring her own make-up remover  pt. 1

Kangin strikes again : when B1A4 said they filmed their MV in LA